What does the thickness can a meat slicer cut?

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  • What does the thickness can a meat slicer cut?

    When you are looking for a meat slicer, you will want to get the versatile meal slicer. That means it can be able to cut really thin pieces which are suitable for bacon strips and even cut thick pieces of sausages.

    he cutting efficiency of a meat slicer strictly varies from one model to other. Most all the meat slicers today will allow you to adjust the slice thickness. Typically, they can slice meat from super-thin (close to 0.2 mm) to 1 inch in thickness.

    #1 Different type of meat slicers

    Depending on the type and models of a meat slicer the thickness of its cut differs. There are some types of meat slicers are available in market are manual slicer, automatic meat slicer, flywheel meat slicers, Commercial Meat Slicers. There is no wirecutter meat slicer, wirecutter is only be used to cut cheese, vegetable, ham.

    #2 Cutting thickness of meat slicers

    Meats slicers can be able to cut raw and uncooked meat, semi frozen meat will different thickness level. But they are not designed to cut the bones or full frozen meat. Here are the thickness levesl of different type meat slicers.

    If you have a manual meat slicer, you can adjust it to cat the slices from 0.6 mm to 17 mm. Within a minute, a manual meat slicer can produce 60 meat slices.

    automatic slicers are more popular type in the market, It can cut meat piece in the range from 0.5 mm to 25 mm and produce 60 slices per minute.

    A flywheel slicer can offer the meat slices as thick as these two slicers above. It can give you meat slices at maximum 4mm.

    Commercial-Grade Meat Slicers are perfect to cut the slices of deli as thin as paper to 0,98 thick pieces.

    #3 How to adjust the thickness setting of meat slicers?

    It is the important factor when you looking for the meat slicer is choosing the one at allow you to easy change the thickness as different receipt will require different thickness pieces of meat. Luckily, mostly electrically operated meat slicers come with this feature.

    Connect and turn on the power button of the slicer. The blade should start rotating anticlockwise.

    In order to adjust the slice thickness, revolving the slice thick bottom anticlockwise. Turn the fixing positioner to select a cut.

    Then, revolving the bottom to the right and make sure that the fixing positioner head touches the plate.

    Using the pusher handle and adjustable bottom, move the product carriage onward and rear over the blade in one incessant motion.

    After cutting the little amount of meat, you need to change the slicing amount again back to zero. Now turn the positioner bottom and let the fixative positioner head to its normal position.

  • Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review: amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com

    From feminized 420 carrot to Feminized Bob Marley and Cappuccino 420, Amsterdam Seed Company has it all. They feature 137 varieties of best cannabis seeds on their website.

    Not only does Amsterdam Marijuana seeds have a huge variety of seeds, their website is outstanding… actually we take that back. Their website is exceptional!

    First, you can narrow down your cannabis seed selection by seed type, auto flowering, feminized or regular.

    Next, you can choose your cannabis seeds by whether they are mostly sativa or Indica.

    The next category of selection is via THC level. You can choose 5 to 15 percent, 16-20 or 20 to 30.

    You can also choose your seeds by their growing climate, i.e., whether it will be an indoor or an outdoor plant.

    You can further select by plant size, small, medium or tall, the expected yield, average, high or extreme, by the flowering time, short, average and long, and finally by the growing difficulty, easy to moderate to expert.

    We have yet to find an easier website to select your ideal seeds than Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

    But it gets better. Not only is the selection wide and finding the right seeds easy but the FAQ’s are extremely crystal clear.

    They tell you all the ways to make payment, when to expect your package, what their policy is on ungerminated seeds, what to do if your seeds are confiscated and more.

    They do ship, by discreet packaging to the U.S. and they ship worldwide except for a list of countries that is purely stated.

    Not only does Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds sell premium selected seeds, but they have an unusually precise, step-by-step growing guide. From germinating seeds to transplanting plants into pots, they cover it all.

    Using illustrated graphics, no matter if you are a newbie or not, after reading this grow-guide carefully, there will be no question that you can grow a crop with a good yield.

    About the only thing Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds does not sell is growing equipment such as lighting.

    Another thing that differentiates Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is the wide variety of payment options. You can pay by credit cards, debit card, wire transfer, bitcoin, and even by cash, although we don’t recommend the later.

    And all prices on their website are listed in US dollars.

    About the only negative we found about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is their shipping time. They say allow 31 days for shipment, and while international shipments are free, there is no way to get your shipment faster.

    Also, you can be sure shipments are not being sent by FedEx or DHL, as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provides no tracking numbers for their packages.

    However, a close examination of their FAQ’s show some surprising positives. For example, most seed companies send you their seeds with no guarantee whatsoever that they will germinate.

    With Amsterdam Marijuana seeds, if you send back seeds that are ungerminated, they will scientifically test them to see why they failed. If you followed the proper growing instructions, there is a good chance they will send you out a replacement package for free.

    Do we recommend Amsterdam Marijuana seeds? We give it our highest rating for a seed bank, wishing only that there was a faster method of shipping.

  • Best gravel vacuum: Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner vs Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

    If you are looking for an incredible tool that helps you remove fish waste and debris from the aquarium without the hauling buckets, keep you substrate cleaner and safer for your fish during routine maintenance, then the best gravel vacuum is certainly what you need.

    We come up here 2 best aquarium gravel that you should look over to avoid wasting time on many different vacuums cleaner out there: Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner vs Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

    To save your time, we recommend that you should choose Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner. Although it is not quite as top-notch as Jeeco and does not have lots of extra functions it does a great job, super budget-friendly devices and durable.

     #1 Gravel Guard

    It is important to know whether or not the vacuums have gravel guards. Because a vacuum cleaner would endanger your tank occupants during the cleaning program.  You will not want your small fish to get sucked up into the fish tank vacuum. A gravel guard helps prevent this.

    Jeeco vacuum allows you to siphon dirty water, clean your plants, and suck up all the particles that built up in the tank substrate and excess food while protecting your fish from siphon pressure. This is due to the built-in filter basket net that prevents the check valve is blocked by gravel and keeps smaller fish from getting sucked up into the tube.

    Zacro gravel cleaner is incredibly safe for your fish thanks to a gravel guard. It can protect your fishes from scare while replacing the water.

    #2 Easy to use

    There is a large suction balloon on the tube of Zacro gravel cleaner; all you need to do is slightly squeeze this suction balloon so that the water can suck up. The tip is the direction of the drain must be downward. It also comes with a clamp for clipping the tubing to keep the pump and cleaner hassle-free. Zacro gravel cleaner includes the faucet that allows control of the water flow and works well for gravel cleaning.

    Jeeco offers the air-pressing button that has strong suction, can allow one-hand operation easily. The water flow clamp can help you control the water flow and fix the pipe.

    You just need to connect the inlet and outlet pipe, then press the Air-pressing Button to create a siphon and the water will come into the bucket automatically.

    Jeeco is 5 in 1multifunctinal: Water changing, sand-washing, and excrement absorbing, raking sand, and scraping algae.

  • Best aquarium lighting for fish color: Current USA Orbit Marine vs Fluval Aquasky

    Many fish keepers prefer to keep colorful species of fish such as Cichlid, Mollies, Neon, but not all of them know that fish colors are affected by the light spectrum. An aquarium lighting system plays an important role in keeping your fish in vibrant colors.

    We want to introduce here two best aquariums lighting for fish color: Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium Light vs Fluval Aquasky LED Aquarium Light.

    If you are finding the light, which has built-in as multiple colors for maximizing the visual appeal of your saltwater aquarium and modes management with the passage of time, then we recommend using Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium Light. For more information, please see the details below.

    #1 Full spectrum

    Current USA orbit Marine LED provides ultra-bright LEDs and a wide color spectrum, which will create an attractive appearance for your corals and fish. This LED light produces an impressive number of color spectrums, which offer eye-catching color rendition and many shimmer effects.

    Fluval Aquasky LED includes light and tri-colored light. Each individual LED will emit 120 degrees of light dispersion for coverage of all the tanks.

    Since different fish colors will tend to showcase and look incredibly beautiful under different colors of light. So the best LED aquarium lighting with full-spectrum light will allow you plenty of options that you can change depending on the fish colors.

    #2 Modes

    As mention, the limitless number spectrums of Current USA orbit Marine light crest a wide array of special lighting effects such as shimmer, pulse, fading. It also offers some modes like cloud cover effects, storm modes with lightning strikes and innovative evening modes.

    Current USA orbit marine lighting also mimics the natural light from slow sunrise, bright daylight, dimming sunset to moonlight. It creates a 24 hours natural lighting schedule.

    Fluval Aquasky Light product 11 different modes, which allow you to bring out various colors on your fish while changing the different attractive modes. These modes are cloud cover, sunrise, sunset, moon, storm, lightning and more.

    #3 Control

    Current USA orbit marine light allows you to control and set 24 hours on/off time with gradual sunrise, sunset, daylight, moonlight; adjustable color spectrums and intensity; 6 weather effects; wave pump; flow mode, flow rate, even feed mode, etc. All it takes is one tough by the LOOP controller with wireless remote features.

    Fluval Aquasky includes infrared SKY pad remote, which allows you to control adjust color spectrum, brightness, and lighting effects with 4 memory-save settings. But the drawback is that it not comes with the built-in timer to automatically on and off at the times you set.

  • How to choose the best apples for juicing?

    Juicing is the most simple and easiest way to get the nutrients from fruits and vegetables without eating them. If you want to juice with apples, it’s time to know what are the best apples for juicing.

    Over 7,500 apple varieties are grown in the world and no 2 kind of them are the same. They are different about tartness, color, taste sweetness, the amount of flesh, juice, etc. And not all the apples are great for juicing.

    For example, Red apples have a higher sugar lever than green apples but red apples usually have more antioxidants, what play an important role in the prevention of most types of cancers. Red and greens apples also offer different tastes, red are sweet, while green are tart but both of them have high amounts of Vitamin C and fiber.

    # 1 Gala Apples

    Gala Apples are the most popular apples of this list. They are sweet, tasty and cheap. You can easy find Gala Apples in any supermarket. They are mostly grown and shipped from New Zealand. It also has a great price, the perfect buddy for red juicing

    #2 Granny Smiths

    If flavor is the reason for you to choose best apples to juice, granny smiths is the right pick. They are known as green skin and sharp, tart flavor, not too sweet and originally come from Australia.

    They also have longer shelf- life than the others. Granny smiths also have a bigger size than Gala apples that means they bring more juice.

    #3 Fuji apples

    Originally from Japan, this apple was named after the great Mt. Fuji. This kind of apple is known as their great ability of provide an immediate energy for your body.

    It may the best apples to make apple juice because of its natural sugar and carbohydrates. You should dink a cup of Fuji apples juice after activity. It’s also has an entice flavor too.

    >Read more:

  • First-principles to make the ideal betta fish tanks

    There is no doubt about the judgment that betta is a colorful, lively and beautiful fish that be an ideal choice for keeping.  And if you are keeping a beta fish tanks, did you set up a proper tank for them?

    In order to make the ideal betta fish tanks and keep your fish stay happy, healthy and long life, you need to remove some misconceptions about caring betta fish. This article will help you to synthetic some first principles to establish an aquarium for your betta.

    The bigger the tank is, the better

    Most people prefer to use betta fish tanks for livening up their desks at the office so they keep them in a small fishbowl or vase. Besides that, in the pet store, betta fish are also kept in the same way. But although betta can survive in the small tank not mean that this is the ideal environment for them.

    If you want to provide them a tank where your fish can live a happy life, healthy and long life, we recommend that you should not keep them in any tank smaller than 2,5 gallons. At least a 10 gallons size tank is ideal for the betta, and bigger is better.

    They need room to swim around and do exercise, and you will need a blank space to add more plant or hide placement, which helps betta feel comfortable. Moreover, the larger tank will reduce the frequency-time that you need to change the water and the filter will work more effectively.

     Using the filter for a betta tank

    In order to provide them a happy life, although betta fish do not really need a filter, you still need to add the filter for them. With a filter, the tank requires less time of frequent water change to keep the water quality up and remove toxic debris.

    Betta fish do not produce much waste like other fish, so you just need to use a small hang back on the filter. A larger canister filter is superfluous.

    Beta also enjoys the water environment with litter or no water movement. Choosing the filter with a low flow filter or have a low capacity for your tank.

  • Buyer’s Guide: Best Turkey Box Calls

    Turkey box call dates back to the 1800s. It’s basically a piece of wood with two sides and a spoon-like piece on top which you tap to make a turkey sound. However, you can definitely make turkey sounds with a mouth call. It’s more modern looking and compact. Needless to say, If you’re not a natural turkey caller, you won’t arrive with a freshly caught turkey in time for Sunday lunch.

    To give yourself the best odds of catching a turkey or two, make sure you have the best equipment for the job, and guarantee that you will catch turkey to keep the hobby a fun and enjoyable activity. The box call will give you a more natural-sounding sound that can mimic almost perfectly.

    Below are a few best turkey box calls to accompany you on your next hunting spree:

    • With this one, the name says it all. So combine your experience with this brand’s outstanding reputation of producing quality turkey box call, and you have the perfect match for hunting turkey. No more stalking turkey for long periods. Instead, lure them to you with ease and without breaking a sweat. This brand has been around for quite some time and struck a very favorable chored with its customers. So you’ll be sure they have your back should some unforeseen stuff pop up.
    • The added benefit that comes with this box call is that it’s bi-lingual. On the one side, you can mimic the sound of a gobbler. While the other side is reserved to mimic the sound of a hen. So you’ll get an extra layer of ammunition to modify your hunting technique should the need arise.
    • Its two-sided design is accompanied by a beautifully crafted mahogany wood finish. To ensure every note is perfectly pitched, a fixed pivot point together with an automatic lid will see that your sounds are perfectly synced.
    • If you’re into handcrafted wooden products made with precision, patience, and love, then this one will be a perfect match for you. It is made from carefully selected hardwood to ensure maximum durability, longevity, and produce the most precise sounds possible.
    • Since its handcrafted, you won’t have to worry about it breaking because it was made with the finest quality of wood to reinforce its durability. And output the most realistic sounding clucks, yelps, and cackles possible.
    • Made with passion for wood crafting. Hand made. Carefully selected hardwood to produce a world-class product. When it comes to sound output, the Maestro Buski Long Box Turkey Call makes the most precise yelps, cackles, and clucks.
    • While this one is beginner-friendly and easy to master, experienced turkey callers will still find it an invaluable turkey call to add to their toolbox. This one also comes with a multitude of sound-producing capabilities: yelps, clicks, cackles, purrs. You name it.
    • Getting up and running with this one is easy. It’s ready out the box with a minimal learning curve.
    • Walnut wood finish. Sounds more natural. Proper finger control.


    As you can see a box call is an invaluable tool to have whenever you set out to hunt for some turkey. It is said that if you use the right tools for the job it will be done right the first time. And with a turkey call, the same thing applies. It will be more enjoyable and fun, and when you return home, rest assured you’ll be bringing with you a turkey or two, guaranteed.

  • What Are The Best Heater Pads For Leopard Geckos?

    If you have never keep any leopard geckos before, you have to learn how to provide them with adequate heat. Unlike mammals, leopard geckos cannot regulate their body temperature by themselves.

    In the wild, leopard geckos usually get the warmth by hiding in the enclosed spaces, between the rocks underground because leopard geckos absorb heat through their bellies.

    Therefore, in the captivity, you should provide them the similar heat sources. This is why you will need the best heat mat for leopard gecko.

    Heater pads for leopard gecko

    Unlike bearded dragons, leopard geckos do not prefer to basking under the sunlight or direct heat sources. So in their tank, they do not need the basking area or heat lamp to get warmth.

    Leopard geckos require belly, underside heating in order to digest their food. The best way to heat our leopard geckos is by using heater pads for leopard geckos. Heater pads are the devices that made specifically for reptiles and placed to the bottom of their cage; provide gentle and reliable heat for your leopard geckos.

    How to choose heater pads?

    Before buying the best reptile heating pad, you should measure your tank to get the suitable size of heater pads. Normally, you should get the heater pad that covers about 1/3 of the tank floor. This will create two different sides in your tank: the cooler side and the warm side.

    This will allow your leopard geckos to regulate their body temperature by choosing whether they want to be warmer or cooler. If you are living in a cold climate, you can choose the bigger heater pad, cover about 1/2 your tank floor.

    Moreover, you should get a heater pad controlled by a thermostat or you will do not know if this heater pad gets too hot and your leopard gecko might be burned. If your leopard geckos never lie on this heater pads, it’s probably over-heat, and if they become slowly, do not eat much or lie almost the day, it’s probably too cool for them.

    Maintaining the overall temperature in your leopard gecko’s cage always stay between 75-90 degrees F.

  • Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei in All England last 8

    Today(Mar 2018), Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei in All England last 8. This will be their 40th encountered !

    About Lee Chong Wei
    Datuk Lee Chong Wei (born in Georgetown, Penang; October 21, 1982) is a professional badminton player from Malaysia.

    Lee is a silver medalist in both the 2012 and 2008 Olympic Games, becoming the first Malaysian to reach the final of the men’s singles event and ending Malaysia’s Olympic medal drought since 1996.

    As a singles player, Lee was ranked first worldwide on August 21, 2008. He is the third Malaysian men’s singles shuttler after Rashid Sidek and Roslin Hashim to achieve such a ranking (since official rankings were first kept in the 1980s), and is the only Malaysian shuttler to hold the ranking for more than two weeks.

    Source: WIKIPEDIA

    What’s New?
    Chong Wei not too worried over loss to Prannoy – Badminton | The … – The Star Online – 2 Days Ago

    Indonesia Open: HS Prannoy stuns Lee Chong Wei, Kidambi Srikanth shocks Jan O Jorgensen to enter quarters – Zee News – A Few Days Ago

    Live Indonesia SSP, badminton scores and updates: HS Prannoy wins first game against Lee Chong Wei; Srikanth … – Firstpost – A Few Days Ago

    Chong Wei made to sweat in opener – Daily Express – A Few Days Ago

    Indonesia SSP: HS Prannoy blanks Anthony Sinisuka Ginting; faces top seed Lee Chong Wei next – Firstpost – A Few Days Ago

    Chong Wei bullish on Indonesian Open | Sports | Malay Mail Online – Malay Mail Online – Last Week

    Chong Wei warns juniors to be prepared for hard work under Misbun – The Star Online – Last Week

    Is Misbun on the verge of becoming Chong Wei’s coach again … – fourthofficial.com – 10 Days Ago

    Chong Wei can set record as shuttler with most Indonesian Open … – The Star Online – 10 Days Ago

    Once bitten, twice shy – The Star Online – 23 Days Ago

    Recent Achievements
    Year Tournament Achievement
    2012 Olympic Games Runners-up
    2012 Malaysia Open Grand Prix Winner
    2012 India Open Runners-up
    2012 All-England Open Runners-up
    2012 Malaysia Open Winner
    2012 Korea Open Winner
    2011 French Open Winner
    2011 Denmark Open Runners-up
    2011 Japan Open Runners-up
    2011 World Championships Runners-up
    2011 Indonesia Open Winner
    2011 Malaysia Open Grand Prix Gold Winner
    2011 India Open Winner
    2011 All-England Open Winner
    2011 Malaysia Open Winner
    2011 Korea Open Winner
    2010 Asian Games Guangzhou Runners-up
    2010 Commonwealth Games India Winner
    2010 Japan Open Super Series Winner
    2010 BWF World Championships Quarter-Finalist
    2010 Macau Open GP Gold Winner
    2010 Malaysia Open GP Gold Winner
    2010 Indonesia Super Series Winner
    2010 Singapore Open Super Series Quarter-Finalist
    2010 All England Super Series Winner
    2010 Malaysia Open Super Series Winner
    2010 Korea Super Series Winner

    Latest News on Lee Chong Wei
    2 Days Ago:

    The Star Online

    Chong Wei not too worried over loss to Prannoy
    The Star Online
    That’s how national shuttler Lee Chong Wei (pic) described his shock second-round loss to qualifier H.S. Prannoy of India in the Indonesian Open. The 10-21, 18-21 loss in the US$1mil (RM4.3mil) Superseries at the Jakarta Convention Centre in Jakarta …
    Meet HS Prannoy, the giant-killer who dumped out Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long at Indonesia SSPFirstpost
    Indonesia Open: India’s HS Prannoy beats No 3 Lee Chong WeiTimes of India
    HS Prannoy stuns Lee Chong Wei but Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu crash outHindustan Times
    The Indian Express -The Hindu
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    A Few Days Ago:

    Zee News

    Indonesia Open: HS Prannoy stuns Lee Chong Wei, Kidambi Srikanth shocks Jan O Jorgensen to enter quarters
    Zee News
    25 Indian, who went into the match with a 0-2 head-to-head record, saw off three-time Olympic silver medallist Lee 21-10 21-18 in a 40-minute men’s singles contest at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). “Lee looked ordinary today and I took my chances.

    A Few Days Ago:

    The Indian Express

    Live Indonesia SSP, badminton scores and updates: HS Prannoy wins first game against Lee Chong Wei; Srikanth …
    It just took 14 minutes for Prannoy to put himself in the driving seat in this pre-quarter-final clash against six-time Indonesia Open champion Lee Chong Wei. Superb drives from the forecourt enabled the Indian shuttler to deceive Lee, who was …
    HS Prannoy defeats World No.1 Lee Chong; Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu crash out of Indonesia Super SeriesThe Indian Express
    Sindhu bows out of Indonesia Super Series PremierTimes of India
    Watch Indonesia Open badminton 2017 live on TV, OnlineInternational Business Times, India Edition

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    A Few Days Ago:

    Chong Wei made to sweat in opener
    Daily Express
    Kuala Lumpur: Datuk Lee Chong Wei was made to slog before reaching the second round of the Indonesia Open on Wednesday. The 35-year-old struggled to adapt to the conditions on court but quickly found his rhythm to see off Indonesia’s Tommy Sugiarto …

    A Few Days Ago:

    The Indian Express

    Indonesia SSP: HS Prannoy blanks Anthony Sinisuka Ginting; faces top seed Lee Chong Wei next
    Jakarta: Indian shuttler H S Prannoy advanced to the second round of the men’s singles competition with a straight-game win over local hope Anthony Sinisuka Ginting at the Indonesia Super Series Premier on Wednesday. File image of HS Prannoy. Twitter/ …
    Kidambi Srikanth, HS Prannoy reaches second round of Indonesian OpenThe Indian Express
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    Malay Mail Online

    Chong Wei bullish on Indonesian Open | Sports | Malay Mail Online
    Malay Mail Online
    KUALA LUMPUR, June 11 — Lee Chong Wei seems to be in an upbeat mood and this spells trouble for his rivals. The appointment of his sifu, Misbun Sidek, …
    Get ready for Misbun: Chong Wei | New Straits Times | Malaysia …New Straits Times Online

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    Last Week:

    The Star Online

    Chong Wei warns juniors to be prepared for hard work under Misbun
    The Star Online
    KUALA LUMPUR: There’s no short cut in training under new national men’s singles head coach Datuk Misbun Sidek. This is world No. 3 Lee Chong Wei’s (pic) warning to the juniors, having trained under Misbun from 1999-2011. “I’m so happy that my former …
    ‘Chong Wei persuaded me’New Straits Times Online
    Lee Chong Wei confident of Malaysia badminton producing good results under new coach Misbun SidekInternational Business Times, Singapore Edition
    Misbun returns as badminton coach at Chong Wei’s urgingThe Rakyat Post
    Malay Mail Online -The Sun Daily
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    10 Days Ago:


    Is Misbun on the verge of becoming Chong Wei’s coach again …
    After six years of separation, Misbun Sidek is on the verge of sealing a return to Badminton Association of Malaysia to specifically become Datuk Lee Chong …
    Misbun is back in BAM as coach | Sports | Malay Mail OnlineMalay Mail Online

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    10 Days Ago:

    The Star Online

    Chong Wei can set record as shuttler with most Indonesian Open …
    The Star Online
    PETALING JAYA: Lee Chong Wei hopes to be in “seventh heaven” at the Indonesian Open in Jakarta next week.
    Indonesia Open: Lee Chong Wei Rooted to Defend TitleTempo.co
    Lee Chong Wei wants to break Ardy Wiranata, Taufik Hidayat’s …International Business Times, Singapore Edition

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    23 Days Ago:

    The Star Online

    Once bitten, twice shy
    The Star Online
    PETALING JAYA: Skipper Lee Chong Wei has issued a rallying cry to the national badminton team to turn the tables on Japan in the quarter-finals of the Sudirman Cup in Gold Coast, Australia. Malaysia had lost 3-2 to Japan in their final Group C tie in …

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  • Final Lin Dan won a significant title again after two years.

    Final Lin Dan won a significant title again after two years.

    But i guess, his chance to olympic still slim. It won’t impress the china olympic council by beating the teammates. In order to be chosen, he needs to beat young players like Momota, Axelsen, Jonathan….