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What are common mistakes could kill plants in chameleon cage?

One of the most common questions most new chameleon owners often ask is why their plants are not thriving or even died. Many chameleon keepers cannot keep plants alive. We definitely need to change this. One of the good indication that show your cage is a healthy environment for your chameleon is a lush, thriving plants life.

The best plants for chameleons need just light and water from you and the right temperature range. There are a number of other reasons why a plant could die, and these common culprits could be at fault.

#1 Overwatering

This is the most common mistake for many new chameleon owners. We all know that plants need water to alive but many owners have a fear of under watering, so they give their houseplants more water than they are able to use. Overwatering could lead that the plants are waterlogged and end up with you throwing away a dead plant. You can use pots with excellent drainage to avoid the dreaded root rot.

#2 Lack of water

On the other hands, there is other problem with water plants, of course, under watering. Once established, these plants actually like having their soil a bit on the dry side. Some type of plants like desert plants (cactuses, succulents) even do not require as much water as many other types of plants, they just need to be watered few times a week.

Make sure that you know the favoured conditions of each plants and follow the care instructions for the particular plant you’re keeping.

#3 Wrong type of soil

Basically, organic soil will work well with plants used in a chameleon cage that prevents harmful chemicals. This soil also available at local plant stores at affordable price. However, there are also some type of plants have special requirement.

Succulents need good drainage, while many other kinds of plants require more dense soil.

#4 Overexpose or lack of light

There are some types of plants will require low-light spectrum and you will need to place them where it will be shielded and avoid from direct UV rays. On the other hand, you can put light-worshipping plants right next to your heat lamps.

Additionally, it is the note that heat lamps may not be sufficient to support the plant’s need for lighting. You may need to place them under the direct sunlight. Check what level of light a plant requires, as specified by the seller.

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Frequency Questions About Fish Tank Chiller

It is obvious that water temperature is very important to fish because they are cold-blooded animals. That means their body temperature deeply affects the environment surrounding.

Due to this, you will need the fish tank chiller to regulate and bring the optimal temperature for your fish.

What makes your tank overheat?

There are two factors can lead to the over-heat of your aquarium:

Firstly, all the equipment you are using such as canister filters, powerheads, hang-on filters, wavemakers, and water pumps can generate heat. The more capacity, the more heat is produced.

Secondly, the reason is the aquarium light system. All the bulbs are release heat to warm the water. But LED light will provide less heat than other bulbs.

Sometimes, the heat up of the aquarium can also due to the sudden change of weather. However, the chiller can solve almost these problems.

How does an aquarium chiller work?

The heat exchange process of an aquarium chiller is: the chiller takes the heat from the water of the tank and transfers it to the outside environment. A chiller has 4 main parts such as the heat exchanger, expansion valve, the compressor and the condenser coil.

The cooling process will begin with a heat exchanger that will absorb the heat from the water. Then the compressor will pump the refrigerant vapour to the condenser. The refrigerant will be kept in the condenser tubes and then it is blown through the hot condenser coil by a fan.

Where you should place your chiller?

Almost chiller devices are compact and take less space. Placing your chiller in the area that enough airflow for the chiller releases the heat. If you place the chiller in the enclosed space, it may cause a less effective chiller and wastes a lot of energy.

What are the best toys set for bird?

There are various types of toys that birds prefer to play with and they serve for different activities and benefits. This is because birds naturally have different behaviours. Thus, you need to provide your birds some types of toys to meet the different needs. In general, it is recommended to give your new birds four to six toys of different types.

In order to save your time of choosing separate toys and if you have no ideal about best bird toys, there are some toy sets available on the market that are include a few toy pieces at different types. That means you just need to buy a toy set and get all types of toys your birds need such as exercise toy, foraging toy, chew toy, bird perch toy, etc.

#1 BWOGUE 5pcs Bird Parrot Toys

This 5 pieces toys of BWOGUE provides all you need to support natural behaviours of your birds. It includes chewing toys, hanging bell, hammock swing toy. It is made pf natural wood and steel wire swings, which is 100% safe for birds.

It features steel hook to easy attracted to the wire bird cage. Your birds will have fun time enjoy these colorful toys. They also can make the noise due to the bells, it will encourage your birds to play with it. This toy set for bird comes with five different toys, that allow birds to climb on, chew on and hang with. If you do not want your birds get bored or wreak havoc in their cage, this toys set is a good ideal to encourages your birds to be active and entertained.

These multiple function toys also designed to soothe your bird’s feet. However, the only drawback is that it is includes lots of bells, which may disturb you. Besides, the chimes in the bells come off easily.

#2 PETUOL Small Bird Swing Toys – 6 PCS

The most attractive feature of this toy set is the 6 pieces of toys and the variety that it comes with. It offers most everything you would want for your birds to play with. There are 2 pieces of swinging toys, 2 pieces of chew toy, 2 pieces of rope bungee hanging toys.

These toys will add the benefit of encourage your bird do exercise, improve well-being and stimulate their minds. Not only bird, this toy set also can be used for rodents such as hamster, rat, gerbils and other small animals.

It is designed to 100% safe for birds. It is made of food-grade colors and naturally non-toxic wood. Besides, it helps the bird’s feet rest and the rubber rope can help your pet to excercise and improve balance ability. All the peices includes an active hook, which makes it easy to be attaches to the wire cage.

#3 Mrli Pet Bird Perch Platform Stand Wood

Unlike these privious option, this toy set is the play ground that are includes several pieceis. It will create a safe comfortabke and fun area for birds to play with. It features all your bird need to play, it includes some perches, a hanging ladder, a rigid ladder, 2 swings, 2 bowls for storage food and water, and a hanging toy with bell.

This toy also easy to clean as it feature a removeable tray at the bottom. Unlike other toys, this one is quite simple as it made of unpainted, unstained wood, non-colorful. The hardware to attach them is made from stainless steel. It also commit the durability and starble as all the parts are attacted to each other by screws ,not glue.

#4 Deloky 7pcs Bird Swing Chewing Toys

This toy set includes various toys, which will suppost the chewing, climbing, swinging behaviors of the birds. Ou can rest you mid provide these toys for your pets as it is unpainted, made of 100% non-toxic wood material and 100% handmade.

They are designed for bird’s feet to rest and also give your pets exercise opportunities.Unlike these other toys which have vibrant colors, these toys has the natural color of wood, what makes it easy to integrate into any cage setup.

#5 KATUMO 6 pcs Bird Parrot Toys

This is another handmade toy set for birds. With these 6 pieces of toys in this set, you pets will always be happy and healthy in their cage. It includes full pack of chewing, swinging, hanging, and climbing. Toys. It comes with vibrant colors, which will make the bird cage  funny and being a great addition for the cage.

To ensure the safety of birds, these toys are mede from pure natural wood and non-hazardous ABS materials. There are only the small problem with these toy is that you may get hard to open the hooks on the top of these toys.

Best gravel vacuum: Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner vs Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

If you are looking for an incredible tool that helps you remove fish waste and debris from the aquarium without the hauling buckets, keep you substrate cleaner and safer for your fish during routine maintenance, then the best gravel vacuum is certainly what you need.

We come up here 2 best aquarium gravel that you should look over to avoid wasting time on many different vacuums cleaner out there: Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner vs Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

To save your time, we recommend that you should choose Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner. Although it is not quite as top-notch as Jeeco and does not have lots of extra functions it does a great job, super budget-friendly devices and durable.

 #1 Gravel Guard

It is important to know whether or not the vacuums have gravel guards. Because a vacuum cleaner would endanger your tank occupants during the cleaning program.  You will not want your small fish to get sucked up into the fish tank vacuum. A gravel guard helps prevent this.

Jeeco vacuum allows you to siphon dirty water, clean your plants, and suck up all the particles that built up in the tank substrate and excess food while protecting your fish from siphon pressure. This is due to the built-in filter basket net that prevents the check valve is blocked by gravel and keeps smaller fish from getting sucked up into the tube.

Zacro gravel cleaner is incredibly safe for your fish thanks to a gravel guard. It can protect your fishes from scare while replacing the water.

#2 Easy to use

There is a large suction balloon on the tube of Zacro gravel cleaner; all you need to do is slightly squeeze this suction balloon so that the water can suck up. The tip is the direction of the drain must be downward. It also comes with a clamp for clipping the tubing to keep the pump and cleaner hassle-free. Zacro gravel cleaner includes the faucet that allows control of the water flow and works well for gravel cleaning.

Jeeco offers the air-pressing button that has strong suction, can allow one-hand operation easily. The water flow clamp can help you control the water flow and fix the pipe.

You just need to connect the inlet and outlet pipe, then press the Air-pressing Button to create a siphon and the water will come into the bucket automatically.

Jeeco is 5 in 1multifunctinal: Water changing, sand-washing, and excrement absorbing, raking sand, and scraping algae.

Best aquarium lighting for fish color: Current USA Orbit Marine vs Fluval Aquasky

Many fish keepers prefer to keep colorful species of fish such as Cichlid, Mollies, Neon, but not all of them know that fish colors are affected by the light spectrum. An aquarium lighting system plays an important role in keeping your fish in vibrant colors.

We want to introduce here two best aquariums lighting for fish color: Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium Light vs Fluval Aquasky LED Aquarium Light.

If you are finding the light, which has built-in as multiple colors for maximizing the visual appeal of your saltwater aquarium and modes management with the passage of time, then we recommend using Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium Light. For more information, please see the details below.

#1 Full spectrum

Current USA orbit Marine LED provides ultra-bright LEDs and a wide color spectrum, which will create an attractive appearance for your corals and fish. This LED light produces an impressive number of color spectrums, which offer eye-catching color rendition and many shimmer effects.

Fluval Aquasky LED includes light and tri-colored light. Each individual LED will emit 120 degrees of light dispersion for coverage of all the tanks.

Since different fish colors will tend to showcase and look incredibly beautiful under different colors of light. So the best LED aquarium lighting with full-spectrum light will allow you plenty of options that you can change depending on the fish colors.

#2 Modes

As mention, the limitless number spectrums of Current USA orbit Marine light crest a wide array of special lighting effects such as shimmer, pulse, fading. It also offers some modes like cloud cover effects, storm modes with lightning strikes and innovative evening modes.

Current USA orbit marine lighting also mimics the natural light from slow sunrise, bright daylight, dimming sunset to moonlight. It creates a 24 hours natural lighting schedule.

Fluval Aquasky Light product 11 different modes, which allow you to bring out various colors on your fish while changing the different attractive modes. These modes are cloud cover, sunrise, sunset, moon, storm, lightning and more.

#3 Control

Current USA orbit marine light allows you to control and set 24 hours on/off time with gradual sunrise, sunset, daylight, moonlight; adjustable color spectrums and intensity; 6 weather effects; wave pump; flow mode, flow rate, even feed mode, etc. All it takes is one tough by the LOOP controller with wireless remote features.

Fluval Aquasky includes infrared SKY pad remote, which allows you to control adjust color spectrum, brightness, and lighting effects with 4 memory-save settings. But the drawback is that it not comes with the built-in timer to automatically on and off at the times you set.

How can I stop my hamster from chewing bars?

If you have kept a hamster, you will recognize the sound of a hamster chewing on the bars of their cage. There are some reasons that make your hamster chew bars. Chewing helps keep the teeth at a healthy length. Besides, bar chewing could be due to boredom, anxiety, a cage that is too small.

You also should know that chewing bars is definitely not good for your hamsters, and you must find the way to stop them doing this.

#1 Why does bars chewing bad for hamsters?

Although hamster need chewing as if they didn’t chew on things then their front teeth would grow to be far too long, metal bars are not ideal chew toys for them. Chewing the metal bars of their cage cannot wear down their teeth but can damage your hamster’s teeth and cause them to become misaligned.

These misaligned teeth will need regular trimming or it will continually grow and make the dead is possible for hamsters.

#2 Provide safe chew toys

It is obvious that hamsters need something to chew to keep their teeth from getting too long. The chewing helps keep the size of these teeth in check. This is why the first solution for bar chewing is give hamster something more suitable to chew on.

Hamsters should get plenty of safe chew toys. There are some best hamster chews that you should add into the hamster cage: Wooden chew toys, unflavoured dog biscuits, carrots and other safe foods that they can gnaw on.

#3 Give them larger cage

The bar-chewing could be a sign that your hamster feeling trapped in their cage. Hamsters need a lot of room to roam for their daily activities of running, burrowing, storing food. They may chew their bars to escape from the cage. When the cage is too small, the hamster’s natural instinct tells him to try and get out.

#4 Enrich their environment

The most probable reason behind your hamster’s bar-chewing is boredom. If you are kept in the enclosure with nothing to entertain and no mental stimulation, you will want to escape or need something to do. The bar-chewing becomes an outlet, which gives them something else to do inside their cage.

In this case, you will need enrich the enclosure environment of hamster. Give them something to keep them busy and away from chewing the cage bars. You can add a variety of hamster toys. Create or give them maze of hamster tunnels, your hamster will love to explore the tunnels. Enriching your hamster diet with healthy treats.

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First-principles to make the ideal betta fish tanks

There is no doubt about the judgment that betta is a colorful, lively and beautiful fish that be an ideal choice for keeping.  And if you are keeping a beta fish tanks, did you set up a proper tank for them?

In order to make the ideal betta fish tanks and keep your fish stay happy, healthy and long life, you need to remove some misconceptions about caring betta fish. This article will help you to synthetic some first principles to establish an aquarium for your betta.

The bigger the tank is, the better

Most people prefer to use betta fish tanks for livening up their desks at the office so they keep them in a small fishbowl or vase. Besides that, in the pet store, betta fish are also kept in the same way. But although betta can survive in the small tank not mean that this is the ideal environment for them.

If you want to provide them a tank where your fish can live a happy life, healthy and long life, we recommend that you should not keep them in any tank smaller than 2,5 gallons. At least a 10 gallons size tank is ideal for the betta, and bigger is better.

They need room to swim around and do exercise, and you will need a blank space to add more plant or hide placement, which helps betta feel comfortable. Moreover, the larger tank will reduce the frequency-time that you need to change the water and the filter will work more effectively.

 Using the filter for a betta tank

In order to provide them a happy life, although betta fish do not really need a filter, you still need to add the filter for them. With a filter, the tank requires less time of frequent water change to keep the water quality up and remove toxic debris.

Betta fish do not produce much waste like other fish, so you just need to use a small hang back on the filter. A larger canister filter is superfluous.

Beta also enjoys the water environment with litter or no water movement. Choosing the filter with a low flow filter or have a low capacity for your tank.

What Are The Best Heater Pads For Leopard Geckos?

If you have never keep any leopard geckos before, you have to learn how to provide them with adequate heat. Unlike mammals, leopard geckos cannot regulate their body temperature by themselves.

In the wild, leopard geckos usually get the warmth by hiding in the enclosed spaces, between the rocks underground because leopard geckos absorb heat through their bellies.

Therefore, in the captivity, you should provide them the similar heat sources. This is why you will need the best heat mat for leopard gecko.

Heater pads for leopard gecko

Unlike bearded dragons, leopard geckos do not prefer to basking under the sunlight or direct heat sources. So in their tank, they do not need the basking area or heat lamp to get warmth.

Leopard geckos require belly, underside heating in order to digest their food. The best way to heat our leopard geckos is by using heater pads for leopard geckos. Heater pads are the devices that made specifically for reptiles and placed to the bottom of their cage; provide gentle and reliable heat for your leopard geckos.

How to choose heater pads?

Before buying the best reptile heating pad, you should measure your tank to get the suitable size of heater pads. Normally, you should get the heater pad that covers about 1/3 of the tank floor. This will create two different sides in your tank: the cooler side and the warm side.

This will allow your leopard geckos to regulate their body temperature by choosing whether they want to be warmer or cooler. If you are living in a cold climate, you can choose the bigger heater pad, cover about 1/2 your tank floor.

Moreover, you should get a heater pad controlled by a thermostat or you will do not know if this heater pad gets too hot and your leopard gecko might be burned. If your leopard geckos never lie on this heater pads, it’s probably over-heat, and if they become slowly, do not eat much or lie almost the day, it’s probably too cool for them.

Maintaining the overall temperature in your leopard gecko’s cage always stay between 75-90 degrees F.

Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei in All England last 8

Today(Mar 2018), Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei in All England last 8. This will be their 40th encountered !

About Lee Chong Wei
Datuk Lee Chong Wei (born in Georgetown, Penang; October 21, 1982) is a professional badminton player from Malaysia.

Lee is a silver medalist in both the 2012 and 2008 Olympic Games, becoming the first Malaysian to reach the final of the men’s singles event and ending Malaysia’s Olympic medal drought since 1996.

As a singles player, Lee was ranked first worldwide on August 21, 2008. He is the third Malaysian men’s singles shuttler after Rashid Sidek and Roslin Hashim to achieve such a ranking (since official rankings were first kept in the 1980s), and is the only Malaysian shuttler to hold the ranking for more than two weeks.


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Recent Achievements
Year Tournament Achievement
2012 Olympic Games Runners-up
2012 Malaysia Open Grand Prix Winner
2012 India Open Runners-up
2012 All-England Open Runners-up
2012 Malaysia Open Winner
2012 Korea Open Winner
2011 French Open Winner
2011 Denmark Open Runners-up
2011 Japan Open Runners-up
2011 World Championships Runners-up
2011 Indonesia Open Winner
2011 Malaysia Open Grand Prix Gold Winner
2011 India Open Winner
2011 All-England Open Winner
2011 Malaysia Open Winner
2011 Korea Open Winner
2010 Asian Games Guangzhou Runners-up
2010 Commonwealth Games India Winner
2010 Japan Open Super Series Winner
2010 BWF World Championships Quarter-Finalist
2010 Macau Open GP Gold Winner
2010 Malaysia Open GP Gold Winner
2010 Indonesia Super Series Winner
2010 Singapore Open Super Series Quarter-Finalist
2010 All England Super Series Winner
2010 Malaysia Open Super Series Winner
2010 Korea Super Series Winner

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Indonesia Open: HS Prannoy stuns Lee Chong Wei, Kidambi Srikanth shocks Jan O Jorgensen to enter quarters
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25 Indian, who went into the match with a 0-2 head-to-head record, saw off three-time Olympic silver medallist Lee 21-10 21-18 in a 40-minute men’s singles contest at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). “Lee looked ordinary today and I took my chances.

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Live Indonesia SSP, badminton scores and updates: HS Prannoy wins first game against Lee Chong Wei; Srikanth …
It just took 14 minutes for Prannoy to put himself in the driving seat in this pre-quarter-final clash against six-time Indonesia Open champion Lee Chong Wei. Superb drives from the forecourt enabled the Indian shuttler to deceive Lee, who was …
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Kuala Lumpur: Datuk Lee Chong Wei was made to slog before reaching the second round of the Indonesia Open on Wednesday. The 35-year-old struggled to adapt to the conditions on court but quickly found his rhythm to see off Indonesia’s Tommy Sugiarto …

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Indonesia SSP: HS Prannoy blanks Anthony Sinisuka Ginting; faces top seed Lee Chong Wei next
Jakarta: Indian shuttler H S Prannoy advanced to the second round of the men’s singles competition with a straight-game win over local hope Anthony Sinisuka Ginting at the Indonesia Super Series Premier on Wednesday. File image of HS Prannoy. Twitter/ …
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After six years of separation, Misbun Sidek is on the verge of sealing a return to Badminton Association of Malaysia to specifically become Datuk Lee Chong …
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Chong Wei can set record as shuttler with most Indonesian Open …
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PETALING JAYA: Lee Chong Wei hopes to be in “seventh heaven” at the Indonesian Open in Jakarta next week.
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Lin Dan failed to capture his 7th All England Champ

Lin Dan failed to capture his 7th All England Champ. Shi Yuqi defeated Lin Dan in a 74 minutes match with 21-19, 16-21, 21-9. It is a first major title for Shi, last year he defeated Lin Dan in semi-final but lost to Lee in final.