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Which bedding is not commonly recommended for tortoise?

Choosing the best bedding for tortoise is one of the most critical factors in housing a healthy tortoise. If it’s too wet your pets can develop shell rot, respiratory infections. If it’s too dry, he can become dehydrated. Any wrong choice of bedding can make your tortoise get sick.

There are some types of bedding that I assess that not really good for tortoise but some tortoise keepers still use. They are what you should avoid if you do not want your tortoise get health problems.

#1 Reptile carpets

Many tortoise keepers prefer to use reptile carpets as it easy to clean and can be able to reuse. Although reptile carpets are good to use for other reptiles, it’s not so good for tortoises. You just should to use it for your tortoise for a short time or provisional.

Generally, reptile carpets have rough surfaces that can catch your tortoise’s claws, it does not allow tortoise to burrow inside, and they have practically no ability to retain moisture. This can be very uncomfortable for tortoise.

#2 Newspaper/ paper bedding

Although newspaper and paper are very cheap, they aren’t a good bedding to use. It not good for tortoise to burrow or dig. Also, if it gets soaked with water, even in the slightest, it will get very mush and have to be changed frequently. It dries up quickly, and mold can grow on it pretty well.

You can use shredded paper in the tortoise enclosure as the shelter sport for them, but not as bedding.

#3 Hay

Hat is another bad idea of bedding to use in tortoise cage. This is because it molds easily when it gets wet and it doesn’t last for very long, that means you will have to replace it frequently. There are some tortoise keepers stated that they have been using has as bedding for tortoise but they completely find for them. However, I think it may contain potential risks that should only be used as part of a diverse diet.

#4 Rabbit Pellets

Another common bedding material used by tortoise keepers who don’t know any better. Rabbit pellets is not a good material to retain moisture within the cage. And if it breaks down, it becomes very dusty that can messy up your room and even have bad effect on tortoise’s respiratory.

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Grow Chambers Weed: Top 5 Marijuana Grow Boxes

Using grow chambers weed is the most convenient, and easy method for beginners to cultivate cannabis. These chambers will helps create the ideal environment and allows you to completely control the growth condition. However, choosing the appropriate grow chambers for your cannabis is the most difficult part of the process. Pricing, quality, size, and other aspects may affect your decision.

This is why I put here a list of the best grow chambers weed that are beginner-friendly, affordable, saving-space, and well-build to helps you maximize your cannabis harvest at home.

Top 5 Marijuana Grow Boxes

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#1 VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent

The VIVOSUN 2-in-1 grow tent is made to take care of all of your marijuana growth stages. Its 2-in-1 design with 2 small rooms and 1 large tent are enable you to produce continuous growth cycle. The 600D thick fabric cover the tent is fastened together by sturdy metal poles and for a durable construction.

It features a diamond Mylar reflecting surface for the inside area that producing that 98 percent light reflective in both chambers. There are additional vents for wires, ducting, and fans, as well as a window for well ventilations, fresh air flow. The tent also includes a water-proof floor tray.  The VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Chamber Grow Tent is low-cost, high-quality, multi-chamber, simple to put together and requires no tools.

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#2 TopoGrow 36″X20″X63″ Grow Tent

What is the solution for grower who are living in small house or department with tight space but still want to get a grow chamber that large enough for cannabis grow their full cycle? TopoGrow Tent is absolutely one of the best solution. With a small footprint, this grow tent will not take you a lot of space. The 63” height of this tent allows it to accommodate a full-cycle grow plant. The tent can fit about 2 plants.

The TopoGrow features a door that opens on one side, forming a letter D-shaped aperture. I do not really like this D-shaped design. The tent is made of 600D oxford fabric on the outside. The interior is coated with diamond Mylar that is 96 percent reflective. The strong structure is completed by durable metal rods and heavy-duty zippers. Ventilation is provided by two circular vents with drawstring sock closures. There are two extra mesh-screened ventilation openings, each measuring 16 x 8 inches.

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#3 MELONFARM Grow Tent

A little bit larger than the previous option but still very affordable is 32″ x 32″ x 63” MELONFARM Grow Tent. The outstanding feature of this tent is that its inside layer is made of 100% highly reflective waterproof mylar lining, which increase the light intense, retain proper temperature and ensure your cannabis get enough light their entire life. The outer material is extra-think 600D canvas, which is tear resistant, double stitched for durable construction and light blocking.

I love the observation window at the front of the tent, it enables you to check your plant inside and monitor the temperature without open the door. MELONFARM grow chamber comes with a storage bag, and professional instructional book.

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#4 VIVOSUN Indoor Grow Tent, Roof Cube Tent

If you are looking for larger, sufficient area for growing cannabis plants but still on a budget, this VIVOSUN roof Cube Tent is great ideal. What I love about this tent is that its design with large vents, doors, windows, and a roof with a gradient pattern. All light is blocked by the tear-resistant double-stitched 600D polyester cloth. The 98% reflective inner mylar lining enhances your lighting intense and allowing light emit evenly and reach all the tent’s corners.

The strong, durable frame is made or metal poles. It is very simple to put together with no tool needed. VIVOSUN offers 2 years guarantee for this product.

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#5 CoolGrows Upgraded 2-in-1 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

It’s constructed of a 600D fabric that’s tear-resistent, extremely thick, stitched, with a light-proof Mylar lining that’s 93-97 percent reflective. Heavy-duty zippers, twin ventilation vents, and metal bars, metal connector, strong metal poles are used to construct the grow tent.

The advantage of this tent is that it is designed with 2 smaller chambers and 1 large chamber, all of these make up separated room for different purposes like seedling, vegetative, and flowering. Along with the 3 separate rooms, the tent includes 3 removable, water-proof mylar floor trays. The best thing is that the tent comes with a one-year guarantee.

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#6 OPULENT SYSTEMS Hydroponic Mylar Water-Resister Grow Tent

OPULENT SYSTEMS grow tents are available in 7 different sizes so you can choose the one that best suit your space. 24″ x 24″ x 48″ tent is the smallest unit, its small footprint will help you grow weed in confined space. The tent materials are include high-quality, superior double-stitched canvas, 98% highly reflective mylar liner, heavy-duty zippers, aluminum frame. Aside from that, multiple sock vent, nylon straps, observation window and a detachable bottom tray are also included in this small grow tent.

What are the best dimensions of mice cage?

Before you bring the new mice to home, it is important to make sure you are set up with all the right kit to look after them. And the first thing you should have is the best cage for mice. Mice are cute furry little creatures.

Just like other home pets, mice require cages that are spacious because they love climbing and running around and it should also be easily accessible. Also, mice can easily squeeze through even the smallest of spaces. Due to this, you have to know well about the ideal cage dimension for mice before decide to get the best one.

#1 How big should a mice cage be?

Since mice spend most of their lifetime in the cage so they need ample space that will allow them to move freely about. Besides, they also require some accessories in their cage to live happy. So, the cage must have enough space for all those things to allow the animals to express all their natural behaviours without becoming stressed.

As the basic guide line, when choosing a cage for mice, a cage that is suitable for around 4 rats, will comfortably house around 8 mice. The cage needs a good size bottom space of at least 65 x 45 cm. Besides, mice also love to climb, their cage should not be too low. 40 cm is a good minimum height for a mouse cage.

#2 What is the good size of bar spacing?

Getting the bar spacing right on a cage is crucial to keeping pet mice safe and prevent them from escape. Instead of their age, the weigh is the factor that determine the bar spacing. A difference of 20 g (0.7 oz) in mouse weight can easily make a cage bar spacing suitable or not suitable.

Going to the detail, bar spacing of 6-7 mm is suitable for mice over about 15g. Bar spacing of 9 mm is the standard size for the average adult sized mouse. Bar spacing of 10-12 mm is only suitable for very large mice, and it is better to avoid this as these bars are often weaker and easier for mice to escape from.

#3 How deep should a cage base be?

Remember that there are some cages can offer you the ideal bar spacing but not provide a deep enough base. Mice love burrowing and digging into their substrate and you will want to give them a deep enough base to keep the substrate in the cage and not thrown all over your floor.

Ideally, a cage base should be around 15 cm, but 13-14 cm is still be fine if you cannot find a 15 cm base cage.

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What are common mistakes could kill plants in chameleon cage?

One of the most common questions most new chameleon owners often ask is why their plants are not thriving or even died. Many chameleon keepers cannot keep plants alive. We definitely need to change this. One of the good indication that show your cage is a healthy environment for your chameleon is a lush, thriving plants life.

The best plants for chameleons need just light and water from you and the right temperature range. There are a number of other reasons why a plant could die, and these common culprits could be at fault.

#1 Overwatering

This is the most common mistake for many new chameleon owners. We all know that plants need water to alive but many owners have a fear of under watering, so they give their houseplants more water than they are able to use. Overwatering could lead that the plants are waterlogged and end up with you throwing away a dead plant. You can use pots with excellent drainage to avoid the dreaded root rot.

#2 Lack of water

On the other hands, there is other problem with water plants, of course, under watering. Once established, these plants actually like having their soil a bit on the dry side. Some type of plants like desert plants (cactuses, succulents) even do not require as much water as many other types of plants, they just need to be watered few times a week.

Make sure that you know the favoured conditions of each plants and follow the care instructions for the particular plant you’re keeping.

#3 Wrong type of soil

Basically, organic soil will work well with plants used in a chameleon cage that prevents harmful chemicals. This soil also available at local plant stores at affordable price. However, there are also some type of plants have special requirement.

Succulents need good drainage, while many other kinds of plants require more dense soil.

#4 Overexpose or lack of light

There are some types of plants will require low-light spectrum and you will need to place them where it will be shielded and avoid from direct UV rays. On the other hand, you can put light-worshipping plants right next to your heat lamps.

Additionally, it is the note that heat lamps may not be sufficient to support the plant’s need for lighting. You may need to place them under the direct sunlight. Check what level of light a plant requires, as specified by the seller.

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What does the thickness can a meat slicer cut?

When you are looking for a meat slicer, you will want to get the versatile meal slicer. That means it can be able to cut really thin pieces which are suitable for bacon strips and even cut thick pieces of sausages.

he cutting efficiency of a meat slicer strictly varies from one model to other. Most all the meat slicers today will allow you to adjust the slice thickness. Typically, they can slice meat from super-thin (close to 0.2 mm) to 1 inch in thickness.

#1 Different type of meat slicers

Depending on the type and models of a meat slicer the thickness of its cut differs. There are some types of meat slicers are available in market are manual slicer, automatic meat slicer, flywheel meat slicers, Commercial Meat Slicers. There is no wirecutter meat slicer, wirecutter is only be used to cut cheese, vegetable, ham.

#2 Cutting thickness of meat slicers

Meats slicers can be able to cut raw and uncooked meat, semi frozen meat will different thickness level. But they are not designed to cut the bones or full frozen meat. Here are the thickness levesl of different type meat slicers.

If you have a manual meat slicer, you can adjust it to cat the slices from 0.6 mm to 17 mm. Within a minute, a manual meat slicer can produce 60 meat slices.

automatic slicers are more popular type in the market, It can cut meat piece in the range from 0.5 mm to 25 mm and produce 60 slices per minute.

A flywheel slicer can offer the meat slices as thick as these two slicers above. It can give you meat slices at maximum 4mm.

Commercial-Grade Meat Slicers are perfect to cut the slices of deli as thin as paper to 0,98 thick pieces.

#3 How to adjust the thickness setting of meat slicers?

It is the important factor when you looking for the meat slicer is choosing the one at allow you to easy change the thickness as different receipt will require different thickness pieces of meat. Luckily, mostly electrically operated meat slicers come with this feature.

Connect and turn on the power button of the slicer. The blade should start rotating anticlockwise.

In order to adjust the slice thickness, revolving the slice thick bottom anticlockwise. Turn the fixing positioner to select a cut.

Then, revolving the bottom to the right and make sure that the fixing positioner head touches the plate.

Using the pusher handle and adjustable bottom, move the product carriage onward and rear over the blade in one incessant motion.

After cutting the little amount of meat, you need to change the slicing amount again back to zero. Now turn the positioner bottom and let the fixative positioner head to its normal position.

What are the different types of cheese slicer wirecutter?

When it comes to cutting cheese, the main challenge is finding a slicer that prevents your food from turning into a mushy mess. Instead of struggling with kitchen knives to get the perfect cut, the best cheese slicer wirecutter will produce uniform and even cuts.

In order to help you select the top cheese cutter for yourself, there are two main types of cheese slicer wirecutter and what you should look for when buying wire replacement for your cheese slicer.


#1 What types of cheese slicers wirecutter are available?

Generally speaking, the two primary types of slicers available are Rolling Cheese Slicers and Board Cheese Slicers

Rolling cheese slicers are typically handheld that constructed from stainless steel. They are include a roller added parallel to the cutting wire to assist with the easy movement of the slicer. This type of slicer wirecutter offer durability and save on space.

If you are looking for the sicer that can cut hard and semi-soft cheeses in different thickness, then thic slicer is ideal for you.

Board cheese slicers constructed from a wire cutter and attached base. This type of cheese clicers offer convenience with a board to serve as a serving plate or as a cutting board. There are some different materials of boards you can choose such as marble, wood, and stainless steel.

The marble platform will keep your cheese fresh for longer. Wood is the good options to reduce your effort of maintenance. And stailess steel make a durable and strength cutting board.

#2 Advantages and Disadvantages of wirecutter slicer types

With the rolling cheese slicers you can easy clean an maintain them as most handheld slicers are a convenient, dishwasher safe option. Further more, you you want to keep your counter spaces clear, you should go with a smaller handheld slicer they can quickly pop in and out of a drawer instead.

On the other hand, board cheese slicers are wiped clean using a dish towel and water and you cannot clean it with a dish washer. This is also the largest type of cheese cutter that means it will take you more space on your counter top. However, the board can be used as a serving platter for the cheese. It also ideal if you prefer to keep your kitchen ready with pieces to use.

#3 Which cheese slicer replacement wire do you need?

It is always better to ensure that you get the slicers will enable one to make changes of wire when worn out. Make sure the wire on your cheese cutter is always sharp so that you can easily slice through block after block.

You can easy find the replacement wire for your wirecutter. It should be made of sturdy material, typically treated steel. Treated steel is sharp enough to slice on various kinds of cheeses.

What is the best bowfishing arrow material should your buy?

There are two important factors that you should keep an eye on when choosing the best bowfishing arrow are the type of tip and the arrow material. The materials also determine the arrow is heavy and study to keep enough power underwater to penetrate fish.

Hitting your target right on the spot require not only mastery of skills but also the suitable arrow. This post will explant some bowfishing arrow material and our advice for choosing that may help you improve your accuracy when shooting.

#1 Fiberglass

If you do not have too much requirement, this material is more than enough to use. This is one of the most common types of arrow that you can easy buy. It is especially suitable if you have limited budget because its economical price tag.

However, it is not the most study material, the pine can be compromised. But most of fiberglass arrows can use for long time without wear and rust.

#2 Carbon

Many newer types of bowfishng arrows are made of carbon. You can easy buy this common arrow. It also tends to be on the higher end of the market. It will maintain the tightness and straightness better than fiberglass one. Due to its higher quality, you can also expect that it is going to make more accurate shots.

Carbon fiber also provide a good ability of being impact, what make it durable and tough that can be able to tolerate even a higher draw weight.

#3 Hybrids

As the mane suggest, this material is the combination of fiberglass and carbon. This combination makes up the good arrow that includes the best of both 2 materials. That means it is bring the benefits of the two materials, straight pine, durable, tough.

You can expect excellent performance without the need to spend too much. It is not as expensive as carbon.

#4 What is the best bowfishing arrow material?

The most suitable bowfishing arrow material for you is depend on your requirements. If you are an average bowfisher, then the fiberglass arrow is more than enough for your needs. It could complete the work well with a affordable price. It can withstand abuse and wear, although sometimes, the straightness and spine are compromised.

However, if you are after larger game, in the competition, the carbon shaft is better option, It has the a straighter and tighter spine and also offer the better accuracy and precision. The only downside is that it is quite costly.

Hybris is the safer options, it is what you looking for if want an arrow that lasts long but will not break the bank.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review:

From feminized 420 carrot to Feminized Bob Marley and Cappuccino 420, Amsterdam Seed Company has it all. They feature 137 varieties of best cannabis seeds on their website.

Not only does Amsterdam Marijuana seeds have a huge variety of seeds, their website is outstanding… actually we take that back. Their website is exceptional!

First, you can narrow down your cannabis seed selection by seed type, auto flowering, feminized or regular.

Next, you can choose your cannabis seeds by whether they are mostly sativa or Indica.

The next category of selection is via THC level. You can choose 5 to 15 percent, 16-20 or 20 to 30.

You can also choose your seeds by their growing climate, i.e., whether it will be an indoor or an outdoor plant.

You can further select by plant size, small, medium or tall, the expected yield, average, high or extreme, by the flowering time, short, average and long, and finally by the growing difficulty, easy to moderate to expert.

We have yet to find an easier website to select your ideal seeds than Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

But it gets better. Not only is the selection wide and finding the right seeds easy but the FAQ’s are extremely crystal clear.

They tell you all the ways to make payment, when to expect your package, what their policy is on ungerminated seeds, what to do if your seeds are confiscated and more.

They do ship, by discreet packaging to the U.S. and they ship worldwide except for a list of countries that is purely stated.

Not only does Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds sell premium selected seeds, but they have an unusually precise, step-by-step growing guide. From germinating seeds to transplanting plants into pots, they cover it all.

Using illustrated graphics, no matter if you are a newbie or not, after reading this grow-guide carefully, there will be no question that you can grow a crop with a good yield.

About the only thing Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds does not sell is growing equipment such as lighting.

Another thing that differentiates Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is the wide variety of payment options. You can pay by credit cards, debit card, wire transfer, bitcoin, and even by cash, although we don’t recommend the later.

And all prices on their website are listed in US dollars.

About the only negative we found about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is their shipping time. They say allow 31 days for shipment, and while international shipments are free, there is no way to get your shipment faster.

Also, you can be sure shipments are not being sent by FedEx or DHL, as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provides no tracking numbers for their packages.

However, a close examination of their FAQ’s show some surprising positives. For example, most seed companies send you their seeds with no guarantee whatsoever that they will germinate.

With Amsterdam Marijuana seeds, if you send back seeds that are ungerminated, they will scientifically test them to see why they failed. If you followed the proper growing instructions, there is a good chance they will send you out a replacement package for free.

Do we recommend Amsterdam Marijuana seeds? We give it our highest rating for a seed bank, wishing only that there was a faster method of shipping.

Best gravel vacuum: Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner vs Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

If you are looking for an incredible tool that helps you remove fish waste and debris from the aquarium without the hauling buckets, keep you substrate cleaner and safer for your fish during routine maintenance, then the best gravel vacuum is certainly what you need.

We come up here 2 best aquarium gravel that you should look over to avoid wasting time on many different vacuums cleaner out there: Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner vs Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

To save your time, we recommend that you should choose Zacro Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner. Although it is not quite as top-notch as Jeeco and does not have lots of extra functions it does a great job, super budget-friendly devices and durable.

 #1 Gravel Guard

It is important to know whether or not the vacuums have gravel guards. Because a vacuum cleaner would endanger your tank occupants during the cleaning program.  You will not want your small fish to get sucked up into the fish tank vacuum. A gravel guard helps prevent this.

Jeeco vacuum allows you to siphon dirty water, clean your plants, and suck up all the particles that built up in the tank substrate and excess food while protecting your fish from siphon pressure. This is due to the built-in filter basket net that prevents the check valve is blocked by gravel and keeps smaller fish from getting sucked up into the tube.

Zacro gravel cleaner is incredibly safe for your fish thanks to a gravel guard. It can protect your fishes from scare while replacing the water.

#2 Easy to use

There is a large suction balloon on the tube of Zacro gravel cleaner; all you need to do is slightly squeeze this suction balloon so that the water can suck up. The tip is the direction of the drain must be downward. It also comes with a clamp for clipping the tubing to keep the pump and cleaner hassle-free. Zacro gravel cleaner includes the faucet that allows control of the water flow and works well for gravel cleaning.

Jeeco offers the air-pressing button that has strong suction, can allow one-hand operation easily. The water flow clamp can help you control the water flow and fix the pipe.

You just need to connect the inlet and outlet pipe, then press the Air-pressing Button to create a siphon and the water will come into the bucket automatically.

Jeeco is 5 in 1multifunctinal: Water changing, sand-washing, and excrement absorbing, raking sand, and scraping algae.

Best aquarium lighting for fish color: Current USA Orbit Marine vs Fluval Aquasky

Many fish keepers prefer to keep colorful species of fish such as Cichlid, Mollies, Neon, but not all of them know that fish colors are affected by the light spectrum. An aquarium lighting system plays an important role in keeping your fish in vibrant colors.

We want to introduce here two best aquariums lighting for fish color: Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium Light vs Fluval Aquasky LED Aquarium Light.

If you are finding the light, which has built-in as multiple colors for maximizing the visual appeal of your saltwater aquarium and modes management with the passage of time, then we recommend using Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium Light. For more information, please see the details below.

#1 Full spectrum

Current USA orbit Marine LED provides ultra-bright LEDs and a wide color spectrum, which will create an attractive appearance for your corals and fish. This LED light produces an impressive number of color spectrums, which offer eye-catching color rendition and many shimmer effects.

Fluval Aquasky LED includes light and tri-colored light. Each individual LED will emit 120 degrees of light dispersion for coverage of all the tanks.

Since different fish colors will tend to showcase and look incredibly beautiful under different colors of light. So the best LED aquarium lighting with full-spectrum light will allow you plenty of options that you can change depending on the fish colors.

#2 Modes

As mention, the limitless number spectrums of Current USA orbit Marine light crest a wide array of special lighting effects such as shimmer, pulse, fading. It also offers some modes like cloud cover effects, storm modes with lightning strikes and innovative evening modes.

Current USA orbit marine lighting also mimics the natural light from slow sunrise, bright daylight, dimming sunset to moonlight. It creates a 24 hours natural lighting schedule.

Fluval Aquasky Light product 11 different modes, which allow you to bring out various colors on your fish while changing the different attractive modes. These modes are cloud cover, sunrise, sunset, moon, storm, lightning and more.

#3 Control

Current USA orbit marine light allows you to control and set 24 hours on/off time with gradual sunrise, sunset, daylight, moonlight; adjustable color spectrums and intensity; 6 weather effects; wave pump; flow mode, flow rate, even feed mode, etc. All it takes is one tough by the LOOP controller with wireless remote features.

Fluval Aquasky includes infrared SKY pad remote, which allows you to control adjust color spectrum, brightness, and lighting effects with 4 memory-save settings. But the drawback is that it not comes with the built-in timer to automatically on and off at the times you set.